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    Quickly relieve various pains associated with Quickly relieve various pains associated with muscle strain, neck pain, rheumatic arthritis, hyperostosis, knee joint ache, tenosynovitis, strain & sprain, sciatica, fibromyalgia. (necessary for office workers, popular in hotweather and warm areas). (necessary foroffice workers, popular in hot weather and warm areas).
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    Specifications: The most common purpose: various types of toys pillow, neck pillow, MP3, MP4, music cell phones and so on. Perfect for any time and any place voice activated system, you can enjoy your favorite music. Just put it on your pillow and put it into your MP3 player or what, listen to, and does not interfere with others. It provides a graceful music and you could sleep well. Type: Music Pillow Speaker Shell Material: ABS Features: Universal, 3.5mm Plug, Convenient to Use Size: 60mm x 13.8mm/23.62" x 5.43" (Approx.) 1 x Music Pillow Speaker
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    ABOUT THE PRODUCT: HEALTH TEA FOR WOMEN: Winstown’s Uterus Tea is made with pure herbs from nature. This unique tea formula works to naturally prime women’s bodies to maintain a healthy reproductive system in order to help improve the overall wellness of the uterine lining and muscles. It help to relieve menstrual cramps, reduce bloating, […]
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    1.Applicable scene: fitness equipment, running, hiking, camping, riding
    2.Benefits: Reduce inflammation/swell, soreness, stiffness, and heat to help muscle recovery.
    3.Sports: Suitable for all sports activities involving a lot of stress on the joints, such as running, basketball, football, rugby, golf, cycling, tennis, hiking, volleyball, skiing, etc.
    4.Relieve pain: Alleviate knee, joint and tendon problems.
    5.Instant support and stability - you will feel the difference immediately. Relieves pain, reduces swelling, pain and stiffness.
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    • Refills in seconds directly from a standard perfume bottle
    • Perfectly transfers your fragrance without spills or damaging exposure to air!
    • Aircraft approved for carry on baggage